Choosing the Right Paint

Aug 29 2017

Deciding to go with a professional painting service is undoubtedly a big decision. At first, you’re probably thinking “I can just do this myself…why would I need to hire professionals to do it?” Well, at Southern Painting Austin, we won’t leave any doubt you made the right decision in hiring our team.

Choosing the right paint ensures your project–whether commercial or residential–lasts and stands tough for years to come. At Southern Painting Austin, we primarily use paint stores and companies that focus on painting products only. Specifically, stores such as Sherwin-Williams, Pittsburg Paints (PPG), Benjamin Moore, and Kelly Moore.

Whether you’re wanting to give your conference room a more “modern look” at the office or you’re trying to decide on the perfect color for the room your child will grow up in, ensuring high-quality professionals are using high-quality paint is a must.

Where Our Paint Comes From

Paint contractors already know what they need when they walk in the store; no wasted time browsing or asking questions. Stores like Sherwin-Williams, Pittsburg Paints (PPG), Benjamin Moore, and Kelly Moore have these reps and they are aware of the need to get product out of the store to assist the painters in maximizing time in the field.

Going directly to the source cuts out a huge middle step, and allows our experienced team to serve projects both effectively and efficiently.

High-Quality Projects Begin With High-Quality Paint

There are several levels of products that can be used to paint interior and exterior. The question on which paint to use comes down to the substrate type, condition of the surface, and the desired result. At Southern Painting Austin, we try not to use what is called builder grade products unless requested by the customer. We use what are considered premium products.

At first, cheaper paint may pass the initial “eye test”, but high-quality paint not only wins in terms of aesthetic, it outlasts the cheap stuff by almost a decade. Bottom line: When it comes down to ensuring our customers will love a project–from a child’s room to a freshly painted deck–for years to come, Southern Painting Austin skips the cheap stuff.

Interior Paints

Interior Paints include anything from paints and coatings, primers, and wood stains, sealers, and clear topcoats.

Sherwin-Williams Interior Paints:

Pro Classic

Pittsburg Paint (PPG) Interior Paints:

Timeless and Manor Hall

Benjamin Moore Interior Paints:

Aura and Regal

Exterior Paints

Exterior Paints include anything from paints, primer, and deck stains and supplies.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paints:


Pittsburg Paint (PPG) Exterior Paints:

Timeless and Manor Hall

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints:

Aura and Regal

There are a lot of moving parts that go into our projects at Southern Painting Austin. At the end of the day, they begin and end with the paint itself. That’s why choosing an effective method in getting our paint from a supplier and choosing high-quality paint that will last for years to come is not only important to us–it’s essential.



Stay tuned for more Southern Painting Austin blog posts as we’ll dive into Fall projects, color trends for 2018, and the answers to much-debated questions like: “What color should I paint my bedroom?” Our goal for the Southern Painting Austin’s blog series is to provide insight not only about ourselves and our process, but also tips and guides to help you make your home or office updated and looking great!